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Tech States

Tech States is the Institute’s video and podcast interview series featuring leading digital policymakers and public policy professionals.

It sets out to explore the complex, exciting and at times concerning relationship between government, politics, and digital and new technologies.

In what ways are states engaging digital technologies as instruments of government? How do these uses enhance democracy or put it under pressure? What role should the state play in regulating how citizens and businesses develop and use digital and new technologies? Tech States sets out to tackle these and related questions.

In our conversations, we hope to contribute to better understanding of the challenges and opportunities that digital technologies pose to statecraft; to encourage critical reflection among varied stakeholders; and to strengthen the relationship between the practice of public policy and research on the digital state.

Guests include Russell Davies (former CSO of UK GDS), Jolly Wong (CTO of Hong Kong Police Force) and Gilles Babinet (France's Digital Champion at the European Commission). 

For further information on Tech States, please contact Dr. Tanya Filer: Tech States forms part of the broader Digital State programme.